Hire us to build a home addition in Billings, MT

Add Livable Space To Your Home

Maybe you need an extra bedroom for the newest member of your family. Maybe you just want a home office so you have a quiet space to work. Montana Customs can expand your house with a home addition in Billings, MT.

We can build an entirely new room addition attached to your house or expand a current room to give your home extra livable space. Our team does everything from drywall and painting to plumbing and electrical work, so you won't have to lift a finger. Just let us know how you want to update your home and we'll get started.

Arrange for a home addition by contacting us today.

3 ideas to improve your home

3 ideas to improve your home

Maybe you know you want extra space in your house, but you're not sure where to add it. Consider these ideas for upgrading your home:

  • Add a relaxing sunroom that will give you a space to enjoy natural light comfortably
  • Install an extra bathroom so your family doesn't have to take turns
  • Build a workout room or home theater to make your house more functional

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